North Star Cherry


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North Star Cherry
Ripe Cherries

The North Star Cherry was bred at the University of Minnesota. It was released in 1950 to much fanfare. The North Star Cherry was bred to be a tart pie cherry but when fully ripe it is very good as a fresh cherry. Its parents were the English Morello Cherry and the Serbian Pie #1. The result was a true natural dwarf tree that when mature is 7′ to 9′ tall and 8′ to 10′ wide. Most cherry trees are much bigger when mature an many would be hard to fit in a garden.

The tree is self pollinating and very productive. The cherries are bright red when ripe. The trees need full sun and prefer a moist well drained soil. They will not tolerate wet feet. Most cherries are adapted to grow up north. The North Star Cherry does well in zones 4 to 8, growing and producing much further south than other varieties.

While still not a sweet cherry it is at least well balanced between sweet and tart. When first ripe, they are quite tart but mellow as they ripen more. North Star Cherries can be used as pie filling and in other baked goods as well as jams and jellies. They can be pitted and frozen and when fully ripe can be eaten out of hand

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