Norton Pecan Tree


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Norton Pecan Tree
Norton Pecan

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The Norton Pecan Tree is a seedling pecan that was found growing in the Mississippi River bottom near Clarksville MO.   It was selected for its early ripening date, about 9 days before Pawnee. Norton was named in 1912 and has remained as a cultivar for its large nut size and scab resistance. Norton is very similar to the scab susceptible variety Colby.

The nuts are large for an early ripening nut. The nuts have a thick shell that adds resistance to predation from Bluejays and Crows. Nuts are large for a northern pecan at 76 per pound. Nut yield is moderate but reliable and yield 44% nutmeats. While not considered a “paper shell “pecan, it does extend the possibility of ripening pecans farther north.

We graft them onto a cold hardy Giles rootstock. The Norton Pecan Tree is a type 2.

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