Black Chokeberry



Black Chokeberry
Black Chokeberry

Black Chokeberry- Aronia melanocarpa is a native shrub once found throughout the eastern United States. This is an attractive member of the rose family without thorns. Glossy green foliage in summer with clusters of 1/3″ flowers in April or May.

The fruit is interesting. It gets its name because it is highly astringent. That said, it is used in jams, jellies and syrups. They can also be used in wine , beer, teas salsas and ice cream.

Fall color is a wine red.

Chokeberry is a suckering shrub that naturalizes well. This will make a thick bushy hedge. They are better in groups as they tend to be a little loose as single plants. On a good site they might grow to 10′ but most will be around 6′ high.

Chokeberries are hardy in zones 4 to9

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