Nursery Visits by Appointment Only

We apologize for any inconvenience.
We are set up as a mail order nursery and as such, do not keep regular hours. To avoid a wasted trip, please contact us in advance to be sure someone is available to help you. Use the form below, call, or email.
We are at:
Rock Bridge Trees
199 Dry Fork Creek Rd
Bethpage, TN 37022

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  1. Harold Barnes

    compatible for cross pollination.


    Harold Barnes

  2. rbthughes

    Which trees are you asking about?

    Thanks, David Hughes

  3. Teresa Lengner

    I received my trees and was entirely impressed by the packaging and preparation for shipping. The trees look great; unfortunately, we are in a week-long heat wave in the 90’s and no rain in sight here. I am keeping the roots well watered do you have other suggestions to get them through this hot spell. I will be buying all my trees from your company from now on, great product!

    Teresa Lengner
    Southeast NC

  4. Don Schroeder

    I have previously emailed you regarding shipping and plant receipt problems and have not received the courtesy of a prompt response to my concerns.

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