Nursery Visits by Appointment Only

We apologize for any inconvenience.
We are set up as a mail order nursery and as such, do not keep regular hours. To avoid a wasted trip, please contact us in advance to be sure someone is available to help you. Use the form below, call, or email.

We are closed on Thursdays.

We are at:
Rock Bridge Trees  
199 Dry Fork Creek Rd
Bethpage, TN 37022


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  1. Harold Barnes

    compatible for cross pollination.


    Harold Barnes

  2. rbthughes

    Which trees are you asking about?

    Thanks, David Hughes

  3. Teresa Lengner

    I received my trees and was entirely impressed by the packaging and preparation for shipping. The trees look great; unfortunately, we are in a week-long heat wave in the 90’s and no rain in sight here. I am keeping the roots well watered do you have other suggestions to get them through this hot spell. I will be buying all my trees from your company from now on, great product!

    Teresa Lengner
    Southeast NC

  4. Don Schroeder

    I have previously emailed you regarding shipping and plant receipt problems and have not received the courtesy of a prompt response to my concerns.

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