Little Epaulette Tree


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Little Epaulette Tree
Little Epaulette Tree Flowers


The Little Epaulette Tree, Pterostyrax corymbosa is the smaller cousin of the Fragrant Epaulette Tree, Pterostyrax hispida. It is about 1/3 smaller in height and width at 20′ to 30′ tall and of similar width. It is hardy in zones 5 to 9.

The Little Epaulette Tree likes it hot. Hot sunshine makes for more flowers. The flowers are showy enough to make this a nice specimen tree but the sweet fragrance, pleasant but not overpowering, will be the first thing you notice when it blooms. In case you aren’t paying attention, you will hear it in bloom as it is highly attractive to all pollinating insects. The honeybees and other pollinators will be busily working the pendent panicles of flowers 5″ to 10″ at the ends of the branches.

In summer, the leaves are dark green above and silver below that in fall turn a rich yellow. In acid soils, the fall color me trend toward orange or even red. Winter interests include the bristly seed pods and a multi-colored bark.

The Little Epaulette Tree makes an oversized shrub or can be a small multi-stemmed tree with a little pruning.

Both the Epaulette trees are rarely seen for sale in the U.S. for reasons unknown but they are wonderful trouble free trees.

Little Epaulette Tree
Little Epaulette Tree in fall

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