Amur Maackia


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Amur Maackia- Maackia amurensis is a small, slow growing tree from northern China. This is an excellent street tree, small in stature maturing in old age to 30′. Amur Maackia will take many years to reach that height. Amur Maackia is hardy in zones 3 to 7.

Amur Maackii
Amur Maackia in winter
Amur Maackii
Amur Maackia Bark

It has clean grey green foliage that has a soft texture and  is covered in flowers in late June and July that smell of new mown grass.

Amur Maackii
Amur Maacki Leaves grey green foliage that appears soft in the landscape as it matures to a darker green.

Amur Maackia is a much underused tree that flowers at a good time for our pollinators. It is a beautiful tree for small yards and street plantings.

This tree is perfect for small yards as it will provide a tree with shade without overpowering the space.  It has character in all seasons. At first leaf, it has a grey-green bloom on the new foliage followed by a soft light to medium green through summer. The blooms are subtle, greenish and fragrant. In fall, leaves drop while still green leaving small pea like pods to add character in early winter. In winter the bark is textured lightly peeling with reddish undertones reminiscent of the spring flowering Japanese Cherries. The tree is shapely in all seasons and clean for a tree.

It is a relative of our native Yellowood Tree and has similar pea like flowers. Our Yellowood blooms in spring amidst many other blooming plants while the Amur Maackia blooms in late summer

The timing of the blooms is important. This tree blooms at a time of year between the spring and fall wildflowers thus providing a bridge for pollinators between seasons.

This tree is recommended by many Urban Foresters for its great attributes but is hard to find in the nursery trade.

1 gallon trees are 2′ to 4′ tall

Amur Maackia
Amur Maackia Flowers

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