Bigleaf Magnolia


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Bigleaf Magnolia
Bigleaf Magnolia

Bigleaf Magnolia- Magnolia macrophylla is a wonderful lush tropical looking tree of our temperate eastern forests. It is so different from anything else you will see in our woodlands. The leaves are truly enormous as are the big white petaled flowers.

This tree is native to the Southeastern United State as well as the Caribbean and parts of Mexico and only scattered north of the Ohio River. It can grow all across the South and Southern Midwest, across the Southwest and up the West Coast into Washington State.

Bigleaf Magnolia is a deciduous Magnolia that likes rich bottomland soils and other deep woodlands with plenty of moisture. It is quite shade tolerant. The giant leaves will be much smaller in a sunny location. The wind in an open site will quickly shred the big leaves and slow the growth of these beautiful trees.

The Southern Magnolia is an evergreen cousin while the Cucumber Magnolia is nearly a twin in leaf size. There are several other Magnolia cousins out there

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