Higan Cherry Autumnalis


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Higan Cherry
Higan Cherry in bloom

The Higan Cherry- Prunus subhirtella var. autumnalis often called Autumn Alice is a semi double pink flowered Japanese Cherry. It is an old variety that is unique in modern times in that it has perfect flowers. Most modern flowering cherries are sterile meaning they are beautiful but offer nothing for bees or other pollinators. Autumn Alice has both pollen and nectar for our pollinator as well as tiny cherries for our fall migrating birds. The trees are not “messy” as the fruits are very small and are mostly eaten by the birds before they fall.

The names Autumnalis comes from the habit of having a light bloom every fall as well as a heavy bloom in the spring. The flowers are attractive at every season. This is a large cherry tree reaching 40′ in its old age but I have not seen any that large. It is tough and disease resistant but not immune. The form is spreading. It will do best in a well drained soil. https://rockbridgetrees.com/2016/01/home-testing-soil-drainage/

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