Pecans are a viable crop option for small farmers well outside the “Pecan Belt”. Information about cultivars, culture, pests and marketing can be hard to come by in northern areas. It is our effort to try to make pecan culture a valued option for farmers everywhere pecans can be grown

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Korean BeeBee Tree Roots

What is a Tree Without Roots

What is a tree without roots? We chose to grow in rootmaker bags when we began our nursery here at Rock Bridge Trees not just because they make roots but…

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Pecan Tree Guide

Type 1 Pecan Trees Click Here to View Type 2 Pecan Trees Adams 5 Pecan Trees Sold Out Click Here to Join Waitlist Adams 5 pecan trees are great yard…

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Type 2 pecan flowers

Pecan Pollination Chart

I have put together a pecan pollination chart for the trees we sell or hope to sell sometime. As you will see from the chart pecan pollination is a complicated…

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