Pecans are a viable crop option for small farmers well outside the “Pecan Belt”. Information about cultivars, culture, pests and marketing can be hard to come by in northern areas. It is our effort to try to make pecan culture a valued option for farmers everywhere pecans can be grown

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Young Pecan Tree

Pecans: Northern vs Southern

Pecans: Northern vs Southern, what do these terms mean? There are many question asked about the difference between northern and southern pecans. How are they defined? What makes one northern…

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Grafted Pecan Trees at Rock Bridge Trees

Pecan Trees To Texas

Until now, we have not shipped pecan trees to Texas.  I was under the impression that there was a quarantine on pecan trees to the entire state of Texas, It…

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Ripening Pecans

Perfect Pecan Sideline

On a recent trip to  Missouri I got to tour a small pecan farm that is the perfect pecan sideline. Kevin and Vickie McGraw were the kind hosts of the…

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