Pecans are a viable crop option for small farmers well outside the “Pecan Belt”. Information about cultivars, culture, pests and marketing can be hard to come by in northern areas. It is our effort to try to make pecan culture a valued option for farmers everywhere pecans can be grown

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Kanza Pecans

Size Classification of Pecans

The size classification of pecans is a USDA standard. Pecans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so to take out some of the confusion, they came up with…

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Pecan Pollination

The question of pecan pollination is important if you want your pecan trees to bear pecans. Since having pecans is probably the reason you planted them, understanding the process will…

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Lipan Flowers

Pecan Flowers

My pecans are still flowering here in Tennessee in late May.  I took some pictures of the female flowers and a few of the male catkins to show what the…

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