Delay Pruning To Avoid Winter Injury
Pruning a Pear Tree

Delay Pruning To Avoid Winter Injury

Pruning in Winter

This brutal winter will take a break one day. Care should be taken that the urge to do something,anything outside might tempt us to prune our trees and vines before its time.
Pruning trees and vines should be delayed, if possible, until mid to late February. Even then we should watch the forecast should more bitter cold be lurking.

Pruning cuts, even those made during winter cold, stimulate a growth response in trees, shrubs, and woody vines. Though not visible to us, the healing response to a cut is real and the hormonal change and cellular division makes the area around the cut more tender and vulnerable to injury.

This should not deter you from necessary pruning. An unpruned tree will be less productive and an ugly tree can be made more attractive by proper pruning. Just be patient and prune at the proper time.

Rake those windblown leaves and pull the dead grass from the beds. Enjoy those rare pleasant mid winter days.

One of our projects this winter is a pruning video. Keep an eye out for it

Farmer Dave

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  1. I`m looking for Pecan , Arkansas Black Apple , Big Type Plums , Peach and other trees

  2. I have pecans now. I will have some apples this spring and more by fall. No Arkansas black yet

  3. We have a wonderful 20 year old birch clump of three and the two closest to my house has split at the crotch. Im worried about a heavy snow bringing one or both down on the house. Should I bolt or cable them now or wait until this cold weather is gone?

  4. I just saw your question. I hope it has survived to this point. Splits like that do not heal. If you want to keep them, they will need some sort of mechanical fix, cable, strap, or bolts. Check with an arborist where you live for the best solution. This is something you can do yourself. Unfortunately, if it is leaning toward the house and could do damage, it might need to go.

    I hope this helps, David Hughes

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