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Bottlebrush Buckeye in bloom

Bottlebrush Buckeye

Bottlebrush Buckeye
Bees on a Bottlebrush Buckeye

Bottlebrush Buckeye is one of those plants that are hard to live without once you have seen one in bloom.

Bottlebrush Buckeye is a spectacular native shrub that blooms in early July.  With June’s arrival the Bottlebrush Buckeye begins to show its delicate immature flower spikes which explode into a stunning display of fragrant white flowers with pink anthers at the first days of July. Here in Tennessee, the show begins on the 4th of July every year. All of our other Buckeye species bloom earlier in the spring. This large shrub attracts a myriad of pollinators and is particularly attractive to Swallowtail Butterflies. Honeybees love the flowers as well. Bottlebrush Video

This is an exceptional trouble free centerpiece for any landscape with room to show it off. It can also be used as a hedge.

The Bottlebrush Buckeye is a large slow growing shrub native to the southern United States. It can grow in full sun and partial shade and even though it is quite shade tolerant  partial sun will bring more flower spikes.

The Bottlebrush Buckeye is hardy in zones 4 to 8 (possibly 9) and averages 8′ to 12′ in height. It can spread by root suckers but these are easy to keep in check by pruning or mowing.  Pruning is only necessary if shaping is required. Removing inconvenient crossing branches is advised. The Bottlebrush is not a messy tree. Like all Buckeye trees, the seeds, Buckeyes, are poisonous and should be kept away from children. They can easily be removed after the bloom is over as they tend to form at the end of the flower spikes.

Bottlebrush buckeye is easy to grow. Give it adequate moisture, and it will reward you with years of summer flowers that will bring butterflies from every direction drifting in as if they cannot help themselves. The bloom lasts the better part of three weeks and is attractive from start to finish.

The Bottlebrush Buckeye finishes the season with a final show of brilliant golden yellow fall color.

The Bottlebrush Buckeye in winter has an interesting coarse twiggy texture which can provide cover for winter birds if planted near a bird feeder.

Bottlebrush Buckeye