Fayette Shellbark Hickory


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Shellbark Hickory

The Fayette Shellbark Hickory was discovered in 1932 by Fayette Etter from Franklin County PA. Fayette has a large nut at 38 nuts per pound with a typical Shellbark thick shell but it cracks surprisingly easily. It is in fact said to be one of the easiest Shellbarks to crack.  The nuts crack into whole halves which fall easily from the shell. The nuts yield 34.4% nutmeats which is very high for a Shellbark Hickory. The nutmeat color is a medium brown and the flavor is delightful.

The nuts are as large or larger than a Black Walnut and in the husk appear enormous on the tree. The trees are hardy in zones 6 to 8.

The nut pictured was picked up and shelled in February after laying on the ground all winter. That may be why the color is so dark. I will try to get some freshly fallen nuts this year (2021) and see if the color is not lighter. The flavor was still good.

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