Apples or Pears?

Apples or Pears? Pears or Apples?

Seckle Pear

Seckle Pear

Apples are the iconic fruit. Instantly recognizable and a familiar shape and taste. Apples, though are notoriously difficult to grow well. Millions of apple trees are planted in the U.S. every year yet very few people are pleased with the results of their planting. Apple trees are finicky and to bear those iconic fruit they require a great deal of care and attention. An apple tree must be pruned  and will be beset by numerous pests and diseases. All of which are determined to consume or disfigure the apple as seen in the minds eye when the tree was planted.

Maxine Pear

Maxine Pear

Pears are the ugly duckling of the fruit world. Under appreciated and under planted pears are a work horse . The pear tree is hardy throughout the U.S. , adapted to all regions of the east. Pear trees will produce some sort of crop most years with near total neglect. But with some care and attention  you will be rewarded with a bumper crop  of large luxurious fruit worthy of the finest gourmet kitchen.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but to put fruit on the table year in and year out, pears are the best bet.

We only offer pear trees that have proven themselves to be productive here in our orchard. Our trees have proven themselves year in and year out to be a consistent crop.

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  1. I live in sumner county and want to plant a few fruit trees. I am currently looking at 3 pecan trees and 3 pear trees, originally I was planning on planting apple but after reading your website changed to pear. What types would you recommend and what is the cost. I would like to pick them up.

  2. We are sold out of pears this spring. I will we grafting in a few weeks and those trees will be ready in the fall. Magness, maxine, Shenandoah are good European type pears. Korean Giant is a great Asian pear. I have pecans ready now

    Thanks, David Hughes

  3. Good afternoon Dave, I was born and raised in Florida but have been in Houston TX for years. Question, I new a man in Florida that grafted apple buds to a crab apple tree. I have a crab apple tree in my back yard. Do you think I could draft your apple trees to my tree or do you think your trees would weather the hot summers we suffer through each year. Thanks, Roger Stuart…

  4. Yes you can graft apples to your crabapple tree. You should look for some low chill apples to graft on to your tree. Houston does not get a long cold winter and most apples require a longer chill period than you will have.You might try in Mississippi. I know he has some excellent apples for the deep south.

    Thanks, David Hughes

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