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Asian Pear Trees

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Chojuro Pear

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Chojuro is a medium sized Asian Pear that ripens in August here in Tennessee. The fruit is crisp and juicy with distinct butterscotch overtones. It is an incredibly unique flavor experience. If you can keep from eating them right away, they will keep with refrigeration for up to six months. Read More

Korean Giant

Korean Giant

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Korean Giant is the first choice in Asian Pears. Large fruit size with a delightful, crisp, sweet flesh make this hard to beat. Growth of the tree is very upright and training will be necessary to keep fruit in reach. Korean Giant ripens in mid to late September and will keep in the crisper of the refrigerator until May or June if you don’t eat them first. Read More

European Pear Trees

Magness Pear


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The Magness Pear is the king of European pears. Properly managed, it produces large pears with a smooth textured flesh which contains the purest essence of pear flavor. Magness must be grown with another pear variety since it produces no pollen of its own. Magness ripens here in Tennessee in late August.

It was bred at the USDA experiment station in Kearneysville West Virginia. It has good Fireblight resistance and is able to wall off any infections. The Magness Pear begins to bear in 4 to 5 years. The tree grows moderately upright and does benefit from limb spreading. This tree can set a very heavy crop so thinning the fruit may be necessary to get good size. Properly thinned, the fruit can be very large, as much as a pound each! The pears store well under refrigeration until Christmas.

Maxine and Potomac are good pollinators for Magness   Read More ‎  ‎


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Maxine is an easy to grow European pear. It bears at a young age and sets plenty of excellent quality grit free pears. Maxine has an upright growth form. Maxine ripens around the first of September here in Tennessee. Read More

Potomac Pear


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The Potomac Pear is a mid season pear that ripens in Mid-September here in Tennessee. The fruit is large and has a smooth buttery texture without any grittiness and is very sweet. Potomac Pears store relatively well keeping until Christmas with refrigeration.

The tree itself is moderately upright in growth pattern and benefits from training for home use. If you are growing them for wildlife, the upright habit gets the fruit up high away from the deer. 

Fast growing and bears at a young age. Potomac has fireblight resistance and is able to wall off any infections that do occur.

Potomac Pears are self pollinating though, all fruit trees benefit from another variety as a pollinator. Read More


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Seckle is an American classic known as the sugar pear. It is unique among European pears in that it will ripen on the tree. The fruit is quite small but the flavor is delightful. Read More

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