Stuart Pecan


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Stuart Pecan
Stuart Pecan

The Stuart Pecan is probably the most famous pecan variety in the pecan world. It originated in Pascagoula Mississippi in 1886 and was one of the most widely planted pecans in the south for many many years. It was promoted as the number one papershell pecan and nuts were sold to tourists and travelers for generations. It is likely that many a non Stuart Pecan was sold under the Stuart name when Stuarts were in short supply.

Stuart began as a scab resistant variety which was very important in the humid southland. The nuts were large at 50 nuts per pound. The trees are strong and resist both wind and freeze damage. In its day, it was a good pecan and its popularity is a testament to persistent marketing and name recognition. The thing is, it is not really a “papershell” pecan. It has a pretty thick shell as commercial pecans go. Over the years because it was heavily planted in same variety groves, it lost its resistance to scab. Now you have large old plantings of scab susceptible thick shelled Stuarts and the pecan world has moved on to better varieties.

Many people brought home Stuarts in the shell and planted them in their yard hoping to get a Stuart tree of their own but Pecans don’t work that way. Some of those trees did not have cold resistance so they froze during cold winters. Some were scabby and don’t produce nuts. But, a few were really good and cities and small towns across the country have good Stuart seedlings growing in them.

Stuart is a type 2 pollinator. It is slow to bear and can be scabby. Nuts mature in mid October.

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