Mullahy Pecan




Mullahy Pecan

The Mullahy Pecan is a seedling found growing along the Mississippi River on Jim Mullahy’s farm near Burlington Iowa by Gary Fernald. This was one of the best trees discovered in a search of native pecan trees  along the Mississippi River in Iowa.

These pecans are classified as medium sized. The nut size is 79 per pound and the nuts crack out into perfect halves. It is susceptible to scab and will need to be sprayed. The nuts are a little smaller than Kanza but ripen around September 17th making This one a good choice for the far north. It does get pecan scab so it will need a scab spray program for best production.  They are a type 2 pollen shed.

Mullahy is an ultra northern pecan that has pretty good size for such an early ripening nut and makes a good choice for far northern areas.




Mullahy Pecan

These in the picture are at shuck split in mid September.




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