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Japanese Tree Lilac in Bloom
Japanese Tree Lilac in Bloom
Ivory Silk Flowers
Ivory Silk Flowers——

Japanese Tree Lilac- Syringa reticulata “Ivory Silk” is a tree form of lilac from Japan and China. This is a trouble free small tree that can grow to 25″ tall and nearly as wide. It is known in the nursery trade as Ivory Silk Tree Lilac which is easier to remember.

As a small tree, Ivory Silk is much larger than traditional lilacs. It is also less prone to some of the fungal issues that bush lilacs are susceptible to. It is a tough tree scaled properly for small lots and short enough at maturity to be powerline friendly. This makes it a good street tree.

Ivory Silk Tree Lilac is a variety chosen for its ability to bloom heavily at a young age. The creamy white flowers arrive after the bush lilacs, generally in late May and early June. The large fronds of flowers are attractive to honeybees,  butterflies and hummingbirds.

The tree structure is good and the bark is interesting and attractive in winter.

This showy small tree makes an excellent centerpiece in a landscape as well as a great choice as a flowering street tree. This is a low maintenance, non invasive landscape tree.

Ivory Silk Tree Lilac