Grafted Pecan Trees at Rock Bridge Trees
Grafted Pecan Trees at Rock Bridge Trees

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Our Pecan Trees at Rock Bridge Trees are grown with the buyer in mind. Our grafted Pecan Trees will bear in 5 to 7 years as compared to seedling pecan trees which can take up to 20 years to bear

Historically pecan trees have had a poor survival rate from transplant. Field grown trees had few feeder roots and a large dominant taproot that was less than optimal for seeking out moisture and nutrients after transplanting. Planting a Rootmaker grown Northern Pecan Tree

To overcome this dilema, we have devised a series of root pruning steps that encourage the pecan rootstocks to make an abundance of those all important feeder roots. The Rootmaker bags we use are an integral part of this program. The taproot is still there though pruned and contained in the bag. The pruning of the taproot causes the pecan tree to make those all important feeder roots.

When you plant a Rock Bridge Trees pecan tree you are planting a whole tree, roots and all.

Our Northern Pecan Trees are all grafted on northern rootstocks. The rootstocks are important here in the north to ensure winter hardiness. Southern rootstocks are prone to winter injury and should not be planted in northern areas.

We have a selection of quality pecan trees chosen for their proven qualities in northern areas and if you choose to buy one from us, be assured, you get a whole tree, roots and all

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  1. Malcolm Overton

    I thank you for the 5 pecan cultivars I have already purchased from you and they all are nice and green and growing! I am researching and planning on buying two more from you this year! I definitely like the fact the root system is so diverse!

  2. Glenda Huey

    I am interested in buying some trees

  3. rbthughes

    What can I do to help?

    David Hughes

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