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What is a Tree Without Roots

What is a tree without roots? We chose to grow in rootmaker bags when we began our nursery here at Rock Bridge Trees not just because they make roots but because they make great roots!

There are many less expensive ways to grow a tree but what does it matter how cheap a tree is if they don’t grow well or die for a lack of good roots? I have bought bare root trees in the past and have had a less than stellar experience with the resulting trees. This is particularly important with strongly tap rooted trees like pecan trees. My own personal experience with buying trees led me to be sure when I began selling trees that I had the best tree I could grow.

We want the trees we sell to not just survive but to thrive. While there are many things we cannot control once a tree leaves our nursery, we can control the quality of the tree and its roots before it leaves here.

We rarely bare root trees here prefering to send the tree perfectly intact to its new home but, west coast state plant import laws require bare root trees. Today we shipped some trees out west and I took some pictures to show what is inside those rootballs inside those bags. It is obvious that there are quality roots when you plant one of our trees but the following pictures show just how many roots there are. These trees are 1 year in a 1 gallon or 2 gallon bag, just look at those masses of roots. All those feeder roots with thousands of root tips mean that the tree can establish itself with little down time to grow new roots.

Here at Rock Bridge Trees we grow great roots.

What is a tree without roots
Sourwood roots
What is a tree without roots
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What is a tree without roots
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