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Introducing the Lipan Pecan

Introducing the Lipan Pecan

Lipan Pecan samples
Lipan Pecans

Introducing the Lipan Pecan. A much anticipated new variety that show great promise for pecan growers seeking large nut size combined with scab resistance and an early ripening date.

An introduction to the Lipan Pecan. Lipan is a new release from the pecan breeding program at USDA College Station Texas.

Lipan is the result of a cross between the Cheyenne and Pawnee cultivars. This cross was tested as 1986-3-624.

Lipan was extensively tested at USDA College Station and Brownwood TX. The results of 12 years of testing indicate that Lipan is more productive than Desirable and slightly less productive than Pawnee. Nut size at 9.8g is larger than either Pawnee 7.9g or Desirable 8.9g.

Lipan is more scab resistant than both Pawnee and Desirable. Lipan is also more resistant to alternate bearing than them as well.

Lipan Pecans ripen 2 weeks after Pawnee and 2 weeks before Desirable.

Lipan Pecan is protandrous (type1) and will pollinate and be pollinated by Kanza.

The nuts shown are from the trees in College Station Texas from the 2016 crop. The nuts are thin shelled and easily crack into whole halves. Nut meats are a light golden and have an excellent pecan flavor.

The trees we have grafted here have grown well and appear to be vigourous. Reports are that the trees are precocious and bear at a similar age to Pawnee. Tree structure is said to be good with wide crotch angles providing both wind and ice resistance.

Scab resistance is one of the key qualities of this tree. Of course, time will tell if that resistance holds in all pecan growing environments but, right now it is very promising for those who are looking to reduce fungicide applications.

The Lipan Pecan is an impressive advancement in the breeding of better pecans for growers everywhere.