Winter Red Holly




Winter Red Holly
Wild Winterberry Holly

Winter Red Holly is a female deciduous holly selected for its brilliant red berries that hang all winter. The latin name is Ilex verticillata.

The Winter Red Holly is typically 6′ to 10′ tall but with age and good growing conditions it can reach 30′. Most will never reach such height and the tree can be pruned to control size very easily.

The red berries are born from the profusion of female flowers that are open for a week or two in June. Bees love these flowers and for good reason, they are full of nectar. The berries are a favorite of winter birds. A male tree is necessary for berries but not for flowers.

These hollies can grow in very wet places but are equally at home in most landscapes.These very hardy hollies are at home in zones 3 to 9

A hedge of Winter Red Hollies with a single Southern Gentleman male will look like a wall of red against the snow of winter.

2 gallon trees are 3′ to 4′ tall

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