Upland Swamp Privet


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Upland Swamp Privet
Upland Swamp Privet-Species from south-central North America
Common name: Eastern Swamp Privet
Photographed in Burns Park, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Upland Swamp Privet, Foresteria ligustrina, is an uncommon native shrub that thrives in dry shade. Where it grows, rocky glades,  it is fairly common. It is completely undomesticated and not grown in cultivation so it is a bit wild in growth pattern. Its greatest benefit is that it grows in difficult environments and blooms in mid summer, June- July. It is known to be hardy in zones 6 and 7 and can be trialed in other areas. It matures to 6′ to 12′ tall. Like many native trees, it may be possible to give it a little attention and make a nice shrub out of it

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