Triple Crown Blackberry


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Triple Crown Blackberry- Now available

Triple Crown Blackberry

The Triple Crown Blackberry is one of the best flavored blackberries. The berries are large and a bright shiny black. While still shiny, they are a little tart but, when they dull slightly, the fruit is perfectly balanced sweetness.

The growth pattern of Triple Crown Blackberry is a little different from standard blackberries. It is a runner, that is, it sends out long running stems that can reach 20′ or more from where it is planted. Pruning is the key to producing the most berries from this one. Triple Crown will do best trained against a wall or tied to a trellis of some kind. Cut the tips of the canes when they reach the height you choose and it will branch. Cut the tips of the branches when they reach 18″ to 24″ and they will branch again. Don’t be afraid to prune them, you won’t hurt them. Now, well pruned, there will be a flower cluster at each leaf node next year and you will have a bumper crop of delicious sweet blackberries by mid summer. Pruning and tying just takes a few minutes a few days each summer. You will spend more time picking berries than tending your plants.

The berries are great for pies and pastries and cobblers. They can be made into an exquisite blackberry jelly or juiced for a high vitamin C juice.

Blackberries are relatively pest free. In the east, June Beetles and birds will eat the ripe fruit and there are a few borers that can cause problems.

Triple Crown is one of the most productive and best flavored blackberries. It will be a wonderful addition to your garden. The sooner you plant some, the sooner you will be eating those blackberry cobblers.

Our 1 gallon plants will be at least 4′ tall when you plant them.

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