Southern Magnolia


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Southern Magnolia Flower
Southern Magnolia Flower

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The Southern Magnolia- Magnolia grandiflora is an iconic tree of the American South. Glossy dark green leaves year round interspersed in summer with large creamy white fragrant flowers make this a tree to remember.  The evergreen branches find their way into southern wreathes for holiday decorations. Their bold green is a standard feature in southern landscapes.

Native in the deep south, it has found its way north to zone 6 where it is hardy except for the harshest of winters. This is a truly memorable tree.

Our trees are seedlings of a variety called Main Street that came from Georgia. Our parent tree came from Kentucky where it has thrived for some 40 years.

The trees can mature to a height of 60′ and can spread to 30 or 40′ wide.

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