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A fountain of flowers cascading from the treetops is the best description of the native Sourwood Tree, Oxydendrum arboreum.

Honeybee Forage- Flowers
Sourwood in bloom

There is a second act to the Sourwood season, when, with the onset of cooler weather and shortening days it bursts forth into a breathtaking display of burgundy and red. One of the first trees to color in the fall it becomes a real standout among the fading greens of late summer.

Sourwood Trees bloom in July with the flowers open the entire month. Sourwood is hardy in zones 5 through 9

Even in the depths of winter the mature tree adds interest to the landscape with its deeply furrowed bark.

The Sourwood Tree is a beautiful flowering native tree gracing the mountains and hillsides of the eastern United States with curtains of delicate white flowers during June and July. This long bloom period is the source of the much beloved Sourwood Honey of the mountain east.

While Sourwood trees are most common in the mountains of the eastern U. S., they can be found scattered over much of the eastern part of the country. From the Gulf Coast to southern Pennsylvania and west to the Mississippi River these trees are not uncommon.

Sourwood is not fond of wet feet but will do well on most well drained sites. Being a medium sized tree (20. to 30. tall) it will flower and color best with full sun.

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