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Seven Sons Tree flower with a honeybee in attendance
Seven Sons

Seven Sons Tree, Heptacodium miconoides, is truly a four season tree. Problem free foliage is in late summer covered with a cloud of fragrant white flowers that are attractive to bees and butterflies. As the flowers begin to fade they are replaced by large red sepals which give the effect of a second “bloom” which lasts until late fall. As the leaves fall they reveal a beautiful exfoliating bark of grey and reddish brown. This is an outstanding garden tree that is hardy in zones 5 to 9.

Seven Sons Tree- Heptacodium miconoides was first collected in China by Ernest Wilson in 1907 and sent to Arnold Arboretum for evaluation. It was promptly forgotten.
According to stories, it was rediscovered in the Arnold Arboretum plant collection sometime in the 1980’s. The tree was reevaluated and found to be a healthy, vigorous, small tree with disease free foliage through the spring and summer.

In late summer the tree transforms into a real show stopper. Seven Sons Tree is covered with large bracts of flowers consisting of individual clusters of seven creamy white, fragrant flowers each. The name Heptacodium means seven bells and from that is derived the name Seven Sons.

As the flowers fade the second act begins as the sepals at the base of each flower grow and turn a vibrant rose color. This second “bloom” is not an actual flower but is actually a fruiting structure that has all the appearance of a flower. This second show is at least as beautiful as the actual bloom and hangs on until the hard freezes of early winter.

Honeybees find the actual flowers to be irresistible and they come at a time when in some areas there are not many flowers available. the flowers open over a three week period in late September and early October. The second “bloom” is only for the gardener as a beautiful accent to our fall landscape.

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