Saskatoon Serviceberry


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Saskatoon Serviceberry, Amelanchier alnifolia is one of the better fruit producing serviceberries. Its form is that of a bush or small tree from 3′ to 18′ tall and wide. Saskatoon is being promoted as one of the best options for commercial fruit production. The fruit is 1/3″ to 1/2″ diameter, bluish purple in color and sweet and juicy. Native Americans used the fruit as a component of pemmican.

The literature says this is best adapted to the north in zones 4 and 5. This is our first year with it in the nursery (2021) but it is thriving here. It remains to be seen if it can tolerate Cedar Apple Rust and Fireblight here in Tennessee. None so far.

It is being tried as a commercial fruit crop in New York State and some other northern states. Success will depend on efficiency of harvest and the development of a market. The fruit is tasty so marketing should be fairly easy.

Honeybees and native bees use the early flowers and birds love the sweet fruit. The trees are attractive with decent fall color

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