Red Fuji




Red Fuji
Red Fuji Apple

Red Fuji-  Now Available

Fuji Apples are very popular here in America. They are available in stores year round. But, store bought apples cannot compare to a home grown apple.

Our Red Fuji is a selection from the original Fuji bred in Japan. The skin color is the only difference.

Fuji was bred at the Tohoku Research Station and released in 1962. Its parents were Red Delicious and an older variety, Ralls Janet. The result was a pink/red skinned apple with crisp sweet flesh.

Fuji is a good apple for the south since it is considered a low chill variety needing only 500 hours of chill to bloom.

Fuji has some resistance to scab and mildew but is very susceptible to fireblight and cedar apple rust.

Photo by Rodrigo.Argenton


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