Merle’s Best Shellbark Hickory


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Merle’s Best Shellbark Hickory was named by Merle Winter of Illinois.  In 1995, he shared a stick of his favorite Shellbark with Fred Blankenship. Fred Grafted it and gave it to his friend James Lowell Worley who planted it at his “Plantation”. It began bearing in 7 years. Mr Blankenship grafted it at his farm in 2009 and it began bearing there in 2016.

Mr Blankenship say it has all the characteristics he likes to see in a hickory. It is fast growing and vigorous, it has dark green leaves with good chlorophyll action. It has large buds and the nuts have a thick husk that shucks easily. The nuts crack nicely and the meats have a good flavor. The thick shucks may afford some protection from weevils.

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