Kanza Pecan


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Kanza Pecan


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Kanza Pecan trees produce an easy shelling pecan of medium large nuts that are football shaped. Excellent quality nuts on a disease resistant tree make the Kanza pecan tree the #1 choice for the homeowner. Reliability is the draw for farm production. Kanza nuts span the size ranges of medium and large at 75 to 80 nuts per lb. Type 2 pollen shed.   Pecans are hardy in zones 5 to 9. For those in northern areas, north of the Ohio River, please read the link on this page.

Kanza is one of the better pecans for a yard tree. It will need a pollinator and any of the following with work nicely, Major, Hark, Caddo, Oconee, Shepherd. All of these pollinators make nice pecans too.


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