Javid’s Iranian Almond


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Basket of Almonds
Basket of Almonds

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Javid’s Iranian Almond comes from the mountains of Northern Iran where Javid’s family has grown it for generations. We here usually think of Iran as a hot desert country but in the north there are high cool mountains where these wonderful Almonds thrive.  The tree was brought here to the United States by Clifford England of England’s Orchard and Nursery  in Kentucky.

Almonds are close relatives of Peaches. Close enough that we graft our Almonds on Lovell peach rootstocks a cold hardy rootstock. Javid’s Iranian Almond is more cold hardy than most. It blooms later than peaches so it is not as susceptible to frost as peaches.

The Almonds themselves have a rich Almond flavor with mild but distinct nudge of Amaretto on the backside. The nuts have a good oil content which is the flavorful part of the nut. They should be good to use in any way you use Almonds.

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