J. Yoder #1 Shagbark Hickory


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J. Yoder #1 Shagbark Hickory
Yoder #1 Shagbark Hickory

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J. Yoder #1 Shagbark Hickory was selected for its superior nut size and outstanding shelling properties. It shells out in mostly whole halves. The nutmeats are sweet and delicious. Improved varieties have an internal shell structure that allows the nutmeats to be extracted whole. The shell itself is much thinner than a typical Shagbark Hickory nut making them much much easier to crack.

Hickories are were once a major component of forests in the Eastern US. They are slow growing long lived trees. They are adapted to be shade tolerant when young but become an overstury tree when mature.

We graft our Hickories on to Pecan rootstocks to push faster growth and promote nut bearing at a younger age. Our trees should bear in 6 or 8 years compered to 25+ years as seedling trees.

Hickories are a primary host for hundreds of moth and butterfly larvae and the wide flaky bark is a primary nesting site for several bat species


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