Hewes Crabapple




Hewes Crabapple
Hewes Crabapple

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Hewes Crabapple is a crabapple with a long history in America. It originated in the 1700s as a hybrid seedling of the North American native southern crabapple Malus angustifolia and a cultivated apple of some sort. The result was the Hewes Crabapple which became the most popular apple planted in Virginia for over 100 years. The cider was so highly praised that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew it. Thomas Jefferson planted his entire north orchard to Hewes.

The tree is small as is the fruit. When pressed for cider, the juice is cinnamon flavored, sugary and pungent. It makes a dry cider that ferments slowly. It makes a fine cider by itself or blends well with other apples to add flavor and complexity. It ripens in September.

Crabapples have copious blooms that supply nectar and pollen for all kinds of pollinators.


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