Hark Pecan

Pecans Hickories, Hicans and Hazelnuts

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Hark Pecan Tree
Hark Pecan

Hark Pecan  Now Available 

Hark is a scab resistant seedling that was planted by Bill Totten near Alexis IL. The original seed nut was from a northern pecan orchard near Moberly MO.

The Hark Pecan Tree produces a somewhat rounded extra large nut that averages 7.35g/ nut 61/ lb and 56% kernel, thin shelled with a light colored nut meat. Shuck split is late September through the first week of October in Kansas. Hark is a type 1 tree.

Hark nuts have a thick husk that does not release the nuts until after a hard freeze similar to Major and Kanza.

The trees have a shaggy bark much like Major.

Hark is pollinated by and is a good pollinator for Kanza Pecan.

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