Gold Rush Apple




The Gold Rush Apple is everything you want in an apple. Very tart when first picked but mellowing over time to a perfect balance of sweet and tart. If you don’t eat them all first, after long storage they wind up with a mellow straight sweetness that can’t be beat. Pleasantly crisp with a long storage life. Gold Rush makes a great applesauce and a refreshing cider

Gold rush is adapted to the middle latitudes of the country. not the far north or the deep south but everything in between.

As the name implies, Gold Rush is a yellow apple, lightly speckled with a red shoulder if ripened in the sun. It is a long season apple ripening in October in the south and November in the north.

Generally trouble free but is susceptible to Cedar Apple Rust. A fungicide after petal fall and again 10 days later will take care of that. Check with your state extension service for your states recommendations on disease and pest control.

Try one, it will soon be your favorite apple

Gold Rush Apple
Gold Rush Apple

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