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Fragrant Snowbell- Styrax obassia is a trouble free small to medium sized tree from Japan, Korea and Manchuria. There are several species of Snowbell around the world, most are smaller trees or large shrubs and none have its distinctive fragrance.

The downward facing flowers hang in clusters reminiscent of Black Locust flowers. The six to eight inch fronds of open bell shaped flowers gently perfume the area around the tree. Their fragrance makes them irresistible to bees and pollinators of all kinds. The Fragrant Snowbell blooms in late May and early June after the earliest blooming trees.

The Fragrant Snowbell in pyramidal in youth and becomes rounder as it matures while maintaining an upright stature. The tree matures at 20 to 30 feet which makes it generally power line friendly. Its modest size makes it a good fit for smaller yards and gardens.

The Fragrant Snowbell  can be trained as a single or multi stemmed tree. It can also be trained as a large multi stemmed shrub. This Snowbell’s large leaves will benefit from a planting site protected from strong winds. It can be used as a center piece in the garden or as an accent in a quiet corner of a larger space.

Fragrant Snowbell is hardy in zones 5 to 8. It prefers a slightly acid to neutral acid soil that is well drained but moist. This Snowbell is at home in both full sun and partial shade. The tree seems to be quite pest free.

Fragrant Snowbells foliage is a soft green of hand sized leaves that tend to hang downward. The soft green leaves are slightly fuzzy on the bottoms. Fall color is inconspicuous but, winter reveals an attractive exfoliating bark that adds interest to the winter garden.

The Fragrant Snowbell combines modest size, fragrant white bloom and winter interest making it an excellent choice for every yard and garden.

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