Forkert Pecan


Pecans Hickories, Hicans and Hazelnuts

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Forkert Pecan
Forkert Pecan

The Forkert Pecan is the result of a cross pollination between the varieties “Success” and “Schley” made by C. F. Forkert of Ocean Springs Mississippi and planted in 1013. We think those are the parents but, records were destroyed so we are left with a verbal history.

The Forkert Pecan produces large nuts, 53/lb, with a high kernel percentage, 58%. A large percentage of these kernels are of a fancy grade. It ripens around October 19th about the same time as Stuart. It is a good pecan for the in shell market

Forkert is susceptible to pecan scab and will need a scab spray program for best yields and quality

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