Dwarf Chinkapin Oak

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Dwarf Chinkapin Oak, his tough little tree bears acorns at a very young age for an oak tree. These trees are known to bear acorns in three to four years. The acorns are sweet and very attractive to wildlife, particularly deer and turkeys. This tree should be included every food plot plan.

Dwarf Chinkapin Oak, Quercus prinoides, is a dwarf version of the Chinkapin White Oak, Quercus muehlenbergii. The Dwarf Chinkapin is adapted to difficult growing conditions. It can live and thrive on sandy ground and shale ground, acid soils where other trees struggle. In prairie regions it is found on sandy and gravelly moraines. In other areas it lives on bony ridge tops and shale hillsides where other trees have difficulty growing. With protection from competition it will grow well on good soil. Being a dwarf tree leaves it susceptible to being shaded out by taller trees.

Its low growth habit and tendency to be bushy and thick adds cover in open areas. Cover, shade and food are all attributes needed in a wildlife habitat. These oaks are regular bearers of large crops of sweet acorns. The acorns are small and both deer and turkeys seek them out.

Consider  the Dwarf Chinkapin Oak on any site  as a part of a food plot program. Their ability to grow under difficult conditions make them worth the extra effort to get them established on a difficult site. Having a reliable annual mast producer growing along natural wildlife  travelways is never a bad thing to have.

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Dwarf Chinkapin Oak
Dwarf Chinkapin Oak

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