Dooley Pecan


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Dooley Pecan
Dooley Pecan

The Dooley Pecan was once one of the preferred pecans in Oklahoma. The flavor is exceptional. It has good size and the kernel color is a golden blonde. It has everything you could want in a pecan.

When it was first planted, it had good scab resistance. But scab being a persistent fungus has found a way, at least in the west, to infect Dooley. It may or may not get scab badly in other parts of the country. This is the story of many of our pecan varieties scab resistant at first then scab mutates to get a toehold in that resistance and then scab is a problem. Wet summers and high humidity are the enemy of scab susceptible pecans

Dooley is a type 1 pollinator with 79 nuts per pound. It ripens about a week after Pawnee

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