Devils Walking Stick


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Devil's Walking Stick
Devil’s Walking Stick in bloom

The Devils Walking Stick- Aralia spinosa is one of our unique native shrubs. Its thick thorny trunk puts out enormous leaf brackets and large late summer flower heads that bloom in August. It has an almost tropical appearance. The flowers are loved by honeybees and all other pollinators. After the bloom the flower heads are covered in black berries that are relished by fall migrating birds. They are mostly gone before winter.

This is a shrub that spreads by root suckers and seed. It can form moderately large thickets of thick thorny stems. All this talk about thorns brings up the subject of right plant right place. This shrub can take some shade or full sun. It is a good choice for an out of the way corner or a place that can be seen (it is a beautiful sight to behold all summer) but not a high traffic area. I am sure this plant evolved its thorns to ward off the Mastodons and Ground Sloths of days gone by.

It has good color briefly in the fall and in winter it has those thick thorny stems that have a kind of wild beauty to them. It provides a safe haven for winter songbirds as well.

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