Cripps Pink Apple



The Cripps Pink Apple is an Australian apple that is the result of a cross between the Lady Williams apple and the Yellow Delicious. The result of that cross was an apple that keeps well like Lady Williams and is sweet like Yellow Delicious. Cripps Pink is marketed under the trademarked name Pink Lady® in stores around the world.

Cripps Pink Apple
Cripps Pink Apple

Cripps Pink is a large apple that is mostly pink especially when grown with plenty of sun. The flesh is slightly yellow and crisp. The flavor is sweet with a hint of tartness. It is a great fresh eating apple.

The tree is productive. It needs a pollinator since it is self sterile. It is a late ripening apple that would be well suited to the lower Midwest and central south. For those who want them for the deer, a late hanging apple is desirable. Being from the dry climate of Australia where fireblight is not a problem, it has little resistance. It is also susceptible to Cedar Apple Rust. A late winter copper spay should take care of most of the fireblight and a properly timed fungicide spray should take care of the Cedar Apple Rust

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