Burton Hican


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Burton Hican

Burton Hican is like all hicans a hybrid between a pecan tree and a hickory tree likely a Shagbark Hickory. Burton is a regular bearing hican that makes a nice sized flavorful nut. Shells are thin like a pecan but the shape is halfway between a hickory and a pecan with the characteristic dark flecks of color like a pecan.

Many Hicans do not bear heavily and some do not fill well. Burton Hican makes a nice crop most years and does fill well. They shell nicely into mostly halves and the flavor is rich and oily with hickory overtones. It seems to be resistant to pecan scab but like all Hicans, it is a favorite target of pecan weevils. It might be a good candidate for a trap crop for pecan weevils.

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