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Barton PecanThe Barton Pecan was the first pecan released by the USDA Breeding Program in 1953. It is the result of a cross between the varieties  “Moore” and “Success” made in John Barton Sr’s by L.D. Romberg back in 1937.

Barton has outstanding scab resistance that has held up since its release. It does have a few cultural issues that has kept it from being planted as widely as you would expect. It is very prone to alternate bearing.

It severely overbears which causes poor nut quality. The following year there are almost no nuts. This trait was a deal breaker years ago when tree crop management was not practiced.

Growers are now finding that by shaking the trees during the summer to reduce the crop load they can eliminate alternate bearing and vastly improve nut quality. This is definitely not a yard tree. It must be managed to be productive.

Barton is a type 1 and has a midseason pollen release and flower receptivity. Nut size is 68 nuts per pound. Nuts ripen around October 8

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