Armstrong Red Maple

Blooms- March


Armstrong Red Maple
Armstrong Red Maple

We have a few large 1 gallon trees available for pick up here at the nursery

“Armstrong” Red Maple is a strongly upright narrow profile Red Maple that was first propagated in the 1950’s. It is popular for its narrow profile. As it matures it can grow to 60′ tall and only 4′ to 6′ wide. This narrow profile makes it a good choice in many landscape situations where a broad tree might not be appropriate. Branching is strongly upright. Growth is medium fast and fall color can vary from golden to orange to bright red. Fall color is typically long lasting.

The narrow profile of the Armstrong Red Maple works well in many urban situations such as road and parking lot medians. A vertical visual anchor to landscape corner. A tall narrow border tree to line a drive or boundary. Of course all these sites will benefit from the striking fall color

It is a hybrid between the Red Maple Acer rubrum and the Silver Maple Acer saccharinum and is known  as Acer X freemanii. It does not appear to have the surface roots of Silver Maple.

Photo from Willamette Nursery

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