Amling Pecan


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Amling Pecan
Amling Pecan

Amling Pecan is a high quality pecan recommended by Auburn  for the mid latitudes of the pecan range. Amling is well suited as a yard tree for its beautiful disease free foliage and consistent
production of extra large pecans. 57 to 60 nuts per lb. Pollen shed type 1. Amling is recommended for the upper south, NC, TN, AR, and OK.  Pecans are hardy in zones 5 to 9. For those in northern areas, north of the Ohio River, please read the link on this page.

Amling was a chance seedling found in Dr Harry Amlings pecan orchard. Dr Amling was a horticulture professor at Auburn University.

The bottom picture is a fresh nut and gives a better idea of the kernel color.

Amling is well pollinated by McMillan and Baby B

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Amling Pecan
Amling Pecan

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