American Mountain Ash


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American Mountain Ash
American Mountain Ash Berries

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American Mountain Ash, Sorbus americana, is our native Mountain Ash. When grown well, it is a spectacular plant for all seasons. Beautiful white flowers in May followed by bright orange-red berries in fall with bright yellow, red and orange fall leaf color.

This tree is different from most we grow in that it grows best in the far north and at high elevations. It is hardy in zones 2 to 6. It can take a range of growing conditions but grows best around swamps and bogs. When mature, it can be from 10′ to 30′ tall. At higher elevation it can have a form more like a shrub . The flowers while beautiful, do not have a pleasant fragrance so, plant them where they can be admired from afar. The berries are relished by birds in winter

This is becoming an uncommon tree in the wild.  American Mountain Ash is susceptible to several insects and diseases which means it is usually not a long lived tree.

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