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Allegheny Serviceberry Flowers
Allegheny Serviceberry Flowers by Blue Canoe

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Allegheny Serviceberry- Amelanchier laevis is one of the first of our native trees to bloom in spring. They are an important flower for bees and early pollinators. The Serviceberries have many local names, Shadblow is one names since the bloom coincides with the spring shad runs in the eastern rivers. Other names, Shadbush, generic Serviceberry and Juneberry for its June ripening fruit.

Its small white apple like flowers look like a mist through the bare spring woods. Those misty flowers mark the defining moment of the coming spring. When growing in the open with more sunlight, there are many more flowers  and the effect is quite stunning. The blooms are followed by small blueberry sized black fruit that rivals the blueberry in flavor. The fruit ripens in June.

Serviceberries are a favorite food of our summer nesting songbirds. Where there is an abundance of fruit there will be lots of Robins, Mockingbirds and Cedar Waxwings.

Berries are quite tasty and can be used to make syrups and preserves. Eaten off the tree they are similar to blueberries. Among the several species of Serviceberries, Allegheny Serviceberries are the juiciest. The fruit is rich in Iron, Vitamin C and is a natural source of Copper. Native Americans used the berries as an important part of their pemmican recipes.

Fall brings a special show of oranges and red leaves to brighten the cool fall days. A steely grey bark adds to the winter appearance of this tree in the landscape. This is a lovely powerline friendly tree that fills an early niche with flowers.

The Allegheny Serviceberry is an all purpose tree providing flowers for the bees, fruit for the pantry and color to the landscape.

These trees grow from 15 to 25 feet tall and are hardy in zones 4 to 8.



1 gallon trees are 2′ to 4′ tall


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