Magness: By far the finest pear we have ever grown, smooth buttery flesh without a hint of grit. Properly thinned they can weigh a pound each. Red blushed over a green background for a beautiful pear. Magness produces no pollen, so it must be grown with another variety, we recommend Maxine. Magness ripens here in early August.

Maxine: A high producing a yellow skinned pear. The flesh is slightly coarser than Magness. Maxine is a strongly upright grower that should be trained by spreading the branches ripen here in TN mid- August.

Potomac: Medium to large green in color. Smooth flesh is very sweet. A delightful pear and a vigorous grower. Begins to bear in about 4 years. A good keeper and ripens 1st week in September here in TN.

Seckle: Buy this medium sized disease resistant tree. An old variety, excellent flavor and a gourmet.s delight. Ripens in August here in TN.
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